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Are you ready for the journey?

The (Zoom) workshop process is designed to train participants at all levels of your organization to engage in learning and action around issues of race and racism. While the initial training will build capacity at a micro level, the intent is to create a cadre of leaders to institutionalize a foundation of racial equity & social justice throughout the organization, its constituents, and the community.

As an organizing collective, we teach how racism/racist ideology was present well before the formation of the United States and how it continues to operate today.  We provides a basis for taking action. Various training and development models are used to provide insight, structure, and relevance that enables participants to identify and understand defined implications around varying perceptions that may exist in the organization and/or community.


The methods will:
• be grounded in a conceptual analysis of racial and ethnic oppression using history as the foundation of creating a framework for understanding race & racism and racialized outcomes.
• be rooted in understanding issues of oppression and how racism manifests within individuals' personal and institutional oppression
• use a "Disinvestment" and “Gatekeeper” model to understand the power (given by institutions) participants have over oppressed groups & communities.
• providing language, definitions & conceptual framework for understanding of the mutually beneficial relationship that exist between colonialism, capitalism and racism to create and maintain the racial hierarchy.
• support the need to acquire data and use it as a means to move from individual to institutional understanding of racial & social inequities

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