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We have a multiracial, multicultural, intergenerational team of professional anti-racist coaches and advisors on matters of Racial Equity & Social Justice.  


We come with extensive experience in supporting leaders from all racial and cultural backgrounds to build a more just, equitable, and inclusive organization.  

We support leadership in examining barriers that have long divided individuals on matters of race and other intersecting issues of oppression, the organization's cultural values and norms, experiences, and organizational climate and advise individual leaders, and building and/or guiding racial equity teams on strategy, policy, and accountability.


We will hone in on building authentic, honest relationships within staff and between staff and leadership.


We are here to support your work if your organization :

  • Is focused on changing narratives that perpetuate individual, systemic and cultural racism; 

  • Wants to cultivate and inspire courageous conversations to advancing racial equity and social justice and transformative policy change

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