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I’ve attended several workshops that have presented the analysis shared in the ReThinking Racism Workshop. This workshop helped to refocus my mind and touched my heart. The structure and techniques used to frame and unpack the information, the compassionate language and the creation of a trusting environment provided a model that will definitely impact my work and organizing with various communities.

Dornzella Milligan
Community Organizer & Racial Equity Consultant
Rockland County

Lev Ben-Ezra
Executive Director
Amherst Survival Center

The trainers were excellent! Their insightful questions pushed us and challenged us in the best of ways. As a non-profit leader, I was particularly appreciative of the direct and hard-hitting look at the role of racism and white supremacy in non-profit organizations. As a white person, I was grateful for the opportunity to connect deeply with my humanity, the ways that racism harms us all, and my own role in this system. I have participated in a number of similar trainings, and strongly recommend the Equity Consulting Network." 

John Wildman
Director of Student Affairs
Hampshire College

I really appreciated the Re-Thinking Racism Workshop that was sponsored by the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusivity. It was a gathering of students, faculty, and staff facilitated by excellent facilitator- trainers and was at times an informative space, at times an emotional space, at times a difficult space, and throughout, a vulnerable space. It was nice to connect with each other over our shared values and convictions as opposed to transactional tasks, action items, or urgent needs. Most of all, for me, it enabled a space where I felt we could view each other as humans on a journey towards personal and collective growth. 

At the end of the 2.5 day intensive workshop, we went around and shared what stuck with us at that very moment. For me, it was the concepts ofresonance and eldership (the latter was a term used by one of the trainers). Resonance speaks to the fact that as a group, we looked at the same content (some of which involved brutal histories), shared deeply with one another, and had a common understanding that bonded us. There was something palpable about the experience that is hard to articulate. The words that come to mind for me are inspiration, empathy, and hope to continue this work here where we work and live. are a tremendous resource for the community at large.

Jessica Moreno-Monterroso
Project Manager
University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing


One of the most, if not the most insightful, powerful, intense, and thought provoking training. It was the best personal and professional development I could have taken for myself. I am so grateful to Equity Consulting for this workshop.

Victoria Wang
Senior Research Associate
Charles Butt Foundation

Equity Consulting Network provided a comprehensive Rethinking Racism training which pushed our organization to sit in discomfort and begin developing a shared understanding of systemic racism. The conversations and content were by no means easy, but they were crucial starting points for us to begin tackling anti-racism work. The trainings that I found particularly powerful were the history lesson on the origin of race and racism and the groundwater theory - these are learnings that I find myself frequently tapping into as I continue to work within a nonprofit and education space. The facilitators from Equity Consulting Network were extremely knowledgeable and well-equipped to navigate tough conversations and push our organization to expand our thinking.

Aida Ismael-Lennon, Psy.D.
Licensed Bilingual Psychologist

I have attended other antiracism workshops in the past; however, what I enjoyed the most about this one is that it also focused on the Latinx experience and provided analysis around colonialism and racism and how it affects our Latinx community, which as a Latina working with Spanish-speaking clients affects my work deeply." The trainers were very passionate, knowledgeable and inspiring. They asked thought provoking questions and were attuned to everyone's needs in the workshop."

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