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Equity Consulting Network is a team of Professional Development Consultants, Trainers, Community Organizers, Social Workers, Mentors, and Life Coaches. We offer resources to organizations, community-based groups, and individuals that are ready to take a deeper dive into the processes that lead to racial equity and social justice transformation.​​

What We Do

Organizational structures and processes influence worker behavior and motivation. We align organizations with their rapidly changing and complex environments through organizational learning, knowledge management, and transformation of organizational norms & values. 

A commitment to participating in racial equity requires a thorough transformation of the individual and the organization. Many organizations educate people with data on racial inequities or on how to respond to micro-aggressions, we believe people must participate in learning processes that allow them to understand, feel, build relationships, and heal.

We support leadership in examining barriers that have long divided individuals on matters of race and other intersecting issues of oppression, the organization's cultural values and norms, experiences, and organizational climate and advise individual leaders or equity teams on strategy, policy, and accountability.

Latinx Challenges Toward Racial Justice

The workshop offers insights into the cultural backdrop of race and racism in Latin America that shapes our identity today regardless of our place of birth. Throughout, we emphasize how racism divides Latinos and African Americans, undermining cross-racial solidarity required to create racial equity and to strengthen our growing multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-generational movement for social transformation.

A Latinx owned company with a racially and culturally diverse network of consultants that have expertise in providing organizational development consulting, racial/social justice & equity trainings, personal/professional coaching and a range of other consulting services.


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